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It is an honor to be your counselor at Mar Vista Elementary School. I am Mr. Ramirez and I invite you to contact me at 805.488.3659.

My goal is to have your child, our student, have an opportunity to be as successful as he or she can be at our school! My hope is that I may become an extension to the support system your child may need in his or her learning experience. My goal is to provide unconditional positive regard to assist him or her with academic, career, and personal/social development.

"Intelligence plus Character that is the goal of true Education." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bullying Prevention

Here at Mar Vista we understand the awful long lasting effects of bullying – be it overt/covert, physical/emotional, in-person/cyber – we do not accept it. One major effort we emphasize, throughout the school year, is promoting our monthly character traits (empathy, responsibility, respect, courtesy, caring, self-control, integrity, kindness, fairness, and trustworthiness). Teachers and staff discuss with their students ways to model the character traits via discussions, presentations, school events, student of the month recognition, as well as principal rewards and hall of fame. Consequently, we present to students and discuss the effects of bullying, what it looks like, what they can do to stop it, and we encourage them to report bullying – to speak up!

In addition, at our school we allow all parties, those harmed or those who caused the harm to have an opportunity to be heard.

Our goal is to have a thriving, learning and safe environment for our students, your children, and our educators as well.

If you know of anyone who is being bullied or suspect someone is hurting others, please contact the front office at 805.488.3659 and ask to speak to the principal or school counselor.