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Attendance Resources

over 2 years ago

 The Importance of School Attendance  

Attendance Works  

Good attendance benefits your child’s education. Research is clear – students who attend school regularly do better academically and are more likely to establish work habits that help them succeed in life and work. Studies show that children who miss just one day of school fall two days behind in their school work. Students who are absent an average of 15 days a year miss a year’s worth of school before their senior year, and students who miss 8 days or more each year are at risk of not graduating with their class. 

Here are some suggestions how we can support our students:
  • Arrive to school and class on time
  • Notify attendance office of student’s absence in a timely manner
  • Plan family vacations during non-school days
  • Try to schedule doctor appointments for your child after school hours
  • Allow your child to stay home only when he/she has a contagious illness or is too sick to be comfortable at school
  • Help prevent child illnesses from spreading at school by getting your child vaccinated against flu and chicken pox
  • When your child has a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the school day, bring him/her to school before the appointment. 


What do I do if my child is absent?

  • Upon return to school, make sure that your child has written documentation regarding his/her absence that is signed by one parent or guardian
  • If make-up work is allowable, be sure to make arrangements with your child's teacher immediately, and work with your child to ensure he/she completes it within the designated timeframe as prescribed by the teacher


How can Parents help with student attendance

  • Plan vacations during non-school days
  • Schedule your child’s medical and dental appointments at the end of the school day
  • Make sure they go to school every day unless they are ill
  • Take an interest in your child’s schoolwork
  • If your child starts to miss school, speak to the school and let your child know he/she must attend
  • If your child is ill, contact the school and explain the reason for the absence 


Parent Engagement

over 2 years ago

It Takes a Village

     Image of woman kissing child's head
    It is our belief that students can and will excel in an environment that is tailored to their evolving needs and conducive to all facets of the learning experience. Consequently, we have been able to successfully develop a comprehensive educational system that celebrates and promotes ethnic and cultural diversity. We further believe that with the help of our parents and our surrounding community we can extend a support system which will help your child, our student, and community member.
    We extend an invitation to become involved with your child in his or her endeavor toward a successful future.
    During the course of the year we hold the following events:

    Positive Discipline Discussions 

    The purpose of these discussions is to promote strategies which will benefit our students at school and your children at home. Our first discussion reviews common parenting styles in addition to what is positive discipline.In our second discussion, we discuss strategies to implement which entail positive discipline.

    Coffee with the Principal

    Every two months the principal and counselor present and promote discussions revolving around issues pertaining to our students and as a group we discuss strategies: differences between conflict and bullying, self-esteem, upcoming school events, etc.

    Community Resources

    over 2 years ago

    The County of Ventura has various organizations which offer support to its community members. Below you will find information on a number of community resources:

    Ventura County Behavioral Health
    Wellness Everyday is committed to supporting the mental, physical and social health of all individuals living within our community. By providing education, resources and information on the latest programs and projects offered within our community (such as mental illness, community support, preventing suicide - among other support networks), we believe the Wellness of our Ventura County community can belong to each of us.

    This site is created by the Ventura County Behavioral Health department of Ventura County Health Care Agency, as part of its Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) programs funded by the Mental Health Services Act. 


                Mixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project             
    MICOP promotes various support programs such as: building community leadership, self-sufficiency through education and training programs (Literacy and Education, Learning with Mom and Dad - Healthy Baby, and Indigenous Language Services, among other resources), humanitarian support, and cultural promotion.
    For more information you may contact them at (805) 483-1166


    City Impact

     City Impact's mission is to promote the educational, physical, and emotional well-being of the children, youth and families they serve through their programs. This organization supports our community via youth outreach, counseling, as well as family outreach.

    For more information visit their site:


                 United Parents              
    This organization offers support for families with children with emotional, mental or behavioral disorders. United Parents has created a parent partner program (offering assistance from a para-professional), a respite program (a short term, temporary break for the parents of a child with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues) among other resources.
    For more information visit their site:


                  Camarillo Hospice              
    Camarillo Hospice offers support and counseling to individuals and families who are grieving the loss of a loved one. This organization offers volunteer care, caregiver support, support groups in English or in Spanish. 
    For more information visit their site:

    Bullying Prevention